5 Most High-Income Skills To Learn in 2020

First of all, what are the hight income skills?

High-Income skills are the skills that can help you to earn at least five-figures income per month

Examples of high-income skills :

Digital marketing:

People used the internet all the time. Digital marketing became the No.! way to advertise any types of products. Many people are struggling to run their business you can help them to get results and you can earn five to six-figure easily.


It is the art of closing deals with the help of the words. Copywriting includes writing emails, facebook ads, Landing page and many more.

It is considered as the High-income skill. If you can write a copy like a pro you can earn five to six-figure.


It is the art of closing deals with a phone call or talking face to face. Closer close deals for the company and receive commission for them.

if you know top close deals then, you can earn five to six-figure.


Programming used to be one of the most overwhelming skills related to technology. It’s simply just the process of creating a set of instructions that tell a computer how to do a task.

For the longest time, it was only a high-income skill that a select amount of people had. This is changing now because there is a lot of information out there on how to program. Programming is still hard but it’s something that you can learn if you put in the time and effort.

With programming, you are learning a language to be able to talk to computers. Some of these “languages” include Python, SQL, Java, and C++. There is a big demand for programmers going into 2019 and it’s something you can learn through a wide variety of tutorials and online resources, many that are free.

Public speaking:

After being successful in your sector you can start public speaking. Motivating, inspiring and teaching people will help them plus it will put money in your pocket.

It is shooting two birds with one stone.

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