10 Basic Marketing Strategies for Beginners

If you are not active in marketing your business via the Internet in 2020, you will likely miss many opportunities and abundant money, and although Internet marketing seems cumbersome and complicated for many entrepreneurs and businessmen at the beginning of their career path, this method of thinking deters Many of them go ahead with their digital marketing plans.
Our goal in this article is to explain accurately the beginners and businessmen the basics of Internet marketing and refer to the origin of these strategies in order to simplify them and show their importance and how to apply them.

Know Your Target

Many small businesses don’t run adequately targeted campaigns, despite the fact that targeting is one of online advertising’s primary advantages.

Indeed, you should be able to create an accurate target customer profile based on the data you’ve collected. With this information in hand, and what you know about your current clientele, you can begin to target similar demographics and psychographics with your campaigns to attract more customers.

Whether you’re advertising online or off, make sure your copy and imagery reflect the kind of customers you want to work with. This is key to targeting well.

Track your advertising

Online advertising platforms like Google AdWords and Facebook provide you with extensive stats related to your ads, and will help you determine what is working and what isn’t. This doesn’t mean that you won’t need to test and experiment, as it can take time for you to create an ad that resonates with your target customers, but it does mean that you can make faster decisions about what to try next.

If you’re advertising offline, and you have to set up a specific email address or phone number to gain a clearer understanding of how your leads are finding you and what’s working, then that effort is worth the hassle. Stop making guesses.

Optimize Your Content

Keywords attract clients. They need to be placed in strategic locations in the text on your website. Make sure they work with the topics your customers are searching for.

Define Your Competition

This is the best way to make sure what you offer is different than your rivals in the same market. Doing a little research is invaluable.

Give Stuff Away

Free access to a report or blog is a value added way to turn visitors into clients. Whether you’re online or in a brick and mortar store, free stuff attracts customers.


Webinars are online courses, and this type, of course, is the most effective way to publish content that is valuable to your audience, especially if you sell a digital product or rely on sales on the Internet.

Launch a Website

Regardless of the goods or services you’re selling, having a website is a prerequisite. Find a developer that can implement you vision.

Publish E-Book

Writing a book and self-publishing it positions you as an expert in the field. Many business people even sell these on their websites.

Advertise Online

Facebook Ads and Google Ads work great. These are cheaper than print, television and radio and they appeal to a wider audience.

Know when to advertise

If you sell seasonal products, you should be advertising in your highest-performing seasons. You may even want to start a little bit early and hold some of your advertising until a little after.

Black Friday and Christmas tend to be high-performing seasons, depending on the type of business you’re running. It may be advantageous to set aside some extra ad money for these days and/or other holidays.

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